Reinventing the customer experience.


To our partners: You and your customers come first.


SafeRide Motor Club is the predominant wholesale provider of emergency roadside assistance for leading warranty administrators, insurance companies, and manufacturers.


If you’re an organization looking to provide a tangible, value-added automotive benefit to your existing program, SafeRide Motor Club memberships are offered through wholesale partnerships. At SafeRide Motor Club, we are dedicated to being a transparent partner that blends our product offering into your existing business and branding while providing the fastest, most reliable roadside assistance and ancillary services in the market.

SafeRide utilizes five redundant call centers, while our competitors, on average, rely on a single location. Are your customers and reputation really secure without call center redundancy?

In today’s ever-changing climate, SafeRide Motor Club’s call center redundancy provides peace of mind in the case of natural disasters and inclement weather. If one of our call centers is in the eye of a storm, SafeRide is prepared with four additional centers across the United States to assist valued customers while they’re on the road.

To customers: We’re here to keep you and your family safe on the road.


Emergency roadside assistance gives everyone peace of mind while traveling.


For over three decades, SafeRide Motor Club has helped countless motorists overcome emergency roadside situations. We are an auto club membership that provides travelers with complete peace of mind. Our choice emergency roadside assistance benefits provide fast, reliable emergency service, backed by one of the largest service provider networks in North America.

SafeRide’s history and long-standing expertise ensure that you are given the best possible service and program offerings in the market.

SafeRide Motor Club’s mission is to be a reliable and transparent partner for our clients, providing the fastest and most dependable roadside assistance coupled with the lowest claims costs in the market.


SafeRide leads the market in innovation.


Through the strongest network of providers, as well as a dedication to technology, SafeRide delivers a premium, innovation-driven roadside assistance experience


To advance this commitment, SafeRide’s network purchased a leading web-based dispatch solution for roadside assistance providers. This solution has been heralded in the automotive community for its intuitive, end-to-end dispatch management platform, which helps service providers optimize operational efficiencies and provide Uber-like transparent mobile service updates to consumers, strengthening brand loyalty and helping to alleviate the frustration of emergency breakdowns.